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The developed and deployed innovative solution that revolutionizes the way businesses are tackling DEI.

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Moxie’s Everyday Inclusion® app harnesses the neuroscience of behavior change and puts the business of belonging in the hands of every employee. The app gives leaders the people powered predictive data they need to make informed decisions about their DEI strategy. It moves DEI from programmatic and driven by a department to embedded in daily culture.

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Everyday Inclusion DEI Thought Leader Series

The Moxie Exchange recently hosted the Everyday Inclusion DEI Thought Leader Series. The series consisted of five industry-specific panels: Healthcare, Banking & Financial Services, Technology, Manufacturing and Retail. Senior DEI executives representing varied organizations across each industry discussed the changing role of the CDO, DEI in their industry, trends, external forces impacting DEI and what the future holds. 

The panels in our series feature data and insights provided by our partner, i4cp.

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For over 10 years Moxie has been a trusted partner to some of the most notable global companies.