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The talent war is on. Boards, employees, and customers demand radical transparency. Driving diversity & inclusion has become a strategic imperative.

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What Our Customers Say

We chose Moxie’s unconscious bias micro learning program because we love their digitized short learning approach. Moxie’s “always-on” program aligns to our everyday learning philosophy to build leadership excellence across the company. Moxie’s solutions enable our Cisco employees to embrace differences and foster disruptive thinking. Maureen and the entire Moxie team have been a true business partner- incredibly responsive and flexible.

Michelle Witherspoon, Head of Diversity Learning Solutions, Cisco

There are a lot of programs out there, but the Moxie approach creates real and long-lasting change by giving people real examples of bias, its impact and more importantly a practical approach to uncovering and addressing unconscious bias in a kind and humane way. Our people were given the information and the tools to actually identify and stop biased behaviors. Bias can be very uncomfortable to talk about but the Moxie approach creates a safe way to acknowledge that we all make missteps, but how that we address those missteps and learn from them will allow us to not just give lip service to a culture of inclusion but live that culture.

Stephanie Douglass, VP of People, Vungle


 Build strong loyalty and attract a wider range of talent by building a diverse and inclusive workplace.
The research continues to pile up. Companies who have diverse leadership teams and inclusive cultures beat the pants off companies led predominantly by men. With the Baby Boomers retiring in waves, the talent war is on. Solving your talent problem is not only a strategic competitive advantage, it’s a strategic imperative. Learn more about Moxie’s diversity and inclusion training today.

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