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What Our Customers Say

“I love Everyday Inclusion, specifically the Education tab and content.
Our teams can learn anywhere, anytime, at their own convenience.”


“For our mid-sized company, we do a lot of work around D&I. Because we are spread out over many regions, making sure that we have programing that is easily accessible for all our people is important. Adding Everyday Inclusion as a daily tool for our teams has been a great and safe way we can open up the conversation even more around diversity and what it means to be an inclusive environment. I also am so impressed that you continually add content and that it is a living program.”


“Our executives loved it so much during the demo that one promoted it during the meeting by sending it to their team of managers.”


“It’s great, easy to use, and we love the bite-sized learning!”

Constellation Brands
“This app will help drive knowledge by giving people what they can do daily that is impactful — small, everyday actions.”
Nestlé Purina

Evolving Workplace Culture with Online Training Courses

We live in a complex world with increasing tensions.

When we come to work – where we spend the majority of our time – we don’t address these issues.

Why? Because we don’t know how.

Diversity and inclusion drives innovation and growth, improves corporate performance, and boosts employee engagement.

There’s no doubt, diversity and inclusion training is good for your business and good for your people.

How Unconscious Bias Impacts Your Company

Unchecked unconscious bias leads to…

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Scalable Unconscious Bias Training

Turn spare moments into an opportunity for employees in your organization to learn the skills and bias interrupters that will unleash their potential and the potential of everyone on their team.

Our micro-learning lessons are designed to deliver bite-sized, actionable content for learning on-the-go.

Each lesson contains a knowledge nugget as well as resource tools for taking action.

Online Training Courses to Overcome Unconscious Bias at Your Company

We partner with organizations and executives who are working towards diversity and inclusion. We provide the programs, tools and resources to help them achieve their diversity goals and business results. Our workshops, resources and systems interrupt unconscious bias and create an inclusive workplace for everyone.

The benefit? When you get it right, your company makes more money, is more creative, and attracts a better talent pool.

100% of pilot participants responded YES to these questions:

  • Do you have a better understanding of what unconscious bias is, and how to use ‘bias interrupters’?

  • Do you know how to be inclusive in day to day interactions, using the Ask, Prime, Investigate (A.P.I.) and inclusive mindset framework?

  • Was the course content/learnings digestible?

  • Do you feel you can implement the learning from the course into everyday duties?

Virtual Unconscious Bias Training

Shine a light on unconscious biases in your talent management practices and everyday interactions.

Our workshops provides everyone – from your newest hire to your executive suite –
with strategies and tools to bust through bias and create an inclusive workplace.

The end result? Higher profit, lower turnover and smarter, happier teams.


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What People Have to Say About Moxie Training Content:

Leadership Testimonials

We chose Moxie’s unconscious bias micro learning program because we love their digitized short learning approach. Moxie’s “always-on” program aligns to our everyday learning philosophy to build leadership excellence across the company. Moxie’s solutions enable our Cisco employees to embrace differences and foster disruptive thinking. Maureen and the entire Moxie team have been a true business partner- incredibly responsive and flexible.

Michelle Witherspoon, Head of Diversity Learning Solutions, Cisco
The Moxie program is both eye-opening and actionable. We were able to easily scale it across the organization, and have seen real results. We’ve come away with a shared set of bias interrupters and a common language, so everyone feels like they are a part of building inclusion.
Terry Steele, Director of Employee Experience / Constellation Brands

There are a lot of programs out there, but the Moxie approach creates real and long-lasting change by giving people real examples of bias, its impact and more importantly a practical approach to uncovering and addressing unconscious bias in a kind and humane way. Our people were given the information and the tools to actually identify and stop biased behaviors. Bias can be very uncomfortable to talk about but the Moxie approach creates a safe way to acknowledge that we all make missteps, but how that we address those missteps and learn from them will allow us to not just give lip service to a culture of inclusion but live that culture.

Stephanie Douglass, VP of People / Vungle

Participant Testimonials

This is the best content on diversity I have ever seen or heard. Wow! It called out the key elephants in the room without being offensive or divisive. This is outstanding material.

Big thumbs up to micro-learning instead of 60 PowerPoint slides in one go!

We often hear about the problems of bias and discrimination but not about practical action and solutions. Moxie delivered those.

I have found some trigger points (unconscious biases) and my goal is to stop and think, be even more curious about differences, not be hard on myself and to dig deeper within myself and ask ‘why’ and ‘what’.

Love the simple, clean, easy way the lessons come right to my email. I watch them when it works in my schedule.

This course helped me understand unconscious bias & how to change my mindset about everyday bias.

I have found some trigger points (unconscious biases) and my goal is to stop and think, be even more curious about differences, not be hard on myself and to dig deeper within myself and ask ‘why?’ and ‘what?’

I like the fact that they are short and informative and go at your own pace. I love the research sources as well.

Thought provoking, without being accusatory or condemning.

If the devil was ever in the details, it was certainly in the details of diversity. This training talked about the details – it was not mushy.

This course helped me understand unconscious bias & how to change my mindset about everyday bias

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