Everyday Inclusion® puts the business of belonging in everyone’s hands

How people treat each other in everyday workplace interactions – what they say and do sitting next to each other in a meeting, grabbing lunch, working on a project – determines whether people feel like they belong.

And most companies leave that to chance. But hope is not a strategy and leaving your employees and team leaders without the knowledge, tools, and behaviors to be inclusive – afraid to say or do the wrong thing, isolating people who are not like them, committing microaggressions- is asking for trouble.

Now, there’s an app for that. Grounded in the neuroscience of behavior change and designed for use by individuals, teams, large groups and the entire organization Everyday Inclusion® embeds belonging in the daily fabric of workplace culture.

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Leverage Tech Addiction for Good

Woman checking smart phone


of the adult U.S. population
own a smart phone

Average number of times
we check our phone in a day

96 times

every 10 minutes