Don’t leave diversity and inclusion to chance.

When people feel they don’t belong there is 57% less collaboration, 42% less team commitment and 22% higher turnover. Don’t leave your people without the tools they need, trying to figure it out on their own. Put the Everyday Inclusion App to work and improve inclusion in the workplace. Watch this short video to see how!

The Everyday Inclusion App Boosts Belonging in 4 Ways:

It’s the App for Belonging at Work

Getting individual employees to work on inclusion every day is a real hurdle. Yet how your people interact, day in, day out, is what drives inclusion in the workplace.

Now, there’s an app for that.

Employees have the inclusion resources and daily practices they need at their fingertips. You have the high-level knowledge and metrics necessary to move the needle. Everyday Inclusion puts the business of belonging in the hands of everyone in your organization so they can make a difference every day.

The Everyday Inclusion App works because it works every day.


Measure Your Success

Quantifying inclusion – knowing whether employees feel like they belong – is hard. If you can’t measure inclusion, how can you measurably improve it?

With the Everyday Inclusion App you can:

  • Track key metrics.
  • View aggregate stats in real time by location and employee role.
  • See where you stand and set benchmarks for improvement.
  • Take regular pulse surveys and quickly measure inclusion.
  • Track inclusion hot spots and know where employees are feeling left behind.

When you implement the Everyday Inclusion App, you get real-time data that allows you to scale best practices, get ahead of retention issues and create a workplace where everyone feels they belong and can thrive.

Make Inclusion a Habit

The Everyday Inclusion App helps you move the needle on inclusion by weaving best practices into the fabric of your company culture. Each employee progresses at their own pace through a series of daily inclusions, insights, exercises and quizzes – earning inclusion champion badges they can share to foster friendly competition.

The Everyday Inclusion App is scalable, easy to implement and puts the business of belonging in the hands of everyone in your organization so they can make a difference every day.


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