Women’s Leadership & Career Development

Micro learning for women on the go

Moxie courses make spare moments productive and fun with micro learning videos that pack a punch. Every bite-sized video lesson brings solid advice and actionable tips that fuel your motivation and success.

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Course Catalog

  • Welcome & Micro Learning Introduction

  • Chart Your Course

  • Play to Your Strengths

  • Why Playing to Your Strength Matters

  • Power of Feedback & Seeking Feedback

  • Taking Risks & Overcoming Fear

  • Saying No

  • The Art of Small Talk

  • Listen with Your Eyes – Interpreting Body Language

  • Effective Emails

  • Listening to Learn

  • Clear & Succinct Verbal Communication

  • Why Having Difficult Conversations Is Important

  • Preparation for a Difficult Conversation

  • How to Have Difficult Conversations

  • Staying Calm & Centered During Difficult Conversations

  • Taking Credit for Your Work

  • Personal Assertiveness & Executive Presence Audit

  • Dealing with Idea Thieves

  • Managing Up & Keeping a Success File

  • Portraying Confidence in a Meeting

  • Get Comfortable With Asking

  • Powerful Body Language

  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

  • Interest-Based Negotiation

  • What’s Your Money Head Trash

  • Overcoming Challenges for Women in Negotiations

  • Negotiating Your Salary

  • Structure of a Good Negotiation

  • Top Negotiation Tips

  • Women Are a Sisterhood

  • Create Your Personal Board of Advisors

  • Audit The Impact of te People In Your Life

  • The Importance of Sponsors

  • The Biggest Barrier to Sponsorship

  • Positioning Yourself for Sponsorship

  • Why We Resist Change

  • Stages of Concern About Change

  • Change Done Right

  • Phases and Emotions of Change

  • Thriving During Change

  • Reframing Your Mindset About Change

  • Delegation Mindset

  • How to Delegate

  • Overcoming Delegation Head Trash

  • Dealing with Reverse Delegation

  • Framework for Time Management

  • Task Chunking & Time Blocking

  • Productivity Habits

  • Energy Management

  • Energy Habits

  • Refueling Your Energy

  • Energy & Time Management Audit

Here’s what they get

  • On-the-go micro learning with video lessons that pack a punch of information in under 3 minutes each. She can enjoy her lessons from any device with her morning coffee, during a break, or even while waiting for a meeting to start.

  • Webinars and interviews with women at the top. Ranging from 15 – 45 minutes long, each of these (more than 100+) sessions feels like having a conversation with a mentor who is offering priceless advice on topics like balancing energy, leadership, and taking risks.

  • Unlimited access; She learns what she wants, when she wants it, from our entire content library.

  • New skills & ideas;  Success depends on constant learning and growth. We keep her up to date with the latest ideas for success, professional development and leadership

Here’s what your company gets

  • Convenience: Our micro courses provide an easy way to deliver professional development and training across all parts of your organization.

  • Value: Significantly increase the number of women you can impact at a lower price per person than traditional in-person offerings.

  • Progress; Our programs help women step up and into their professional potential. Fill your leadership pipeline with a pool of diverse talent ready to lead.

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Sample Lessons

Taking Credit For Your Work

Difficult Conversations

Top Negotiating Tips

What Participants Are Saying

Awesome! This is the perfect tool for women on the go. I love the learning nuggets. I look forward to the lessons in my in-box each week!


It is wonderful. I watched 3 of the mini lessons this morning each one was actionable and encouraging.


Love the simple, clean, easy way the lessons come right to my email. I watch them when it works in my schedule.


It’s been AWESOME content. THANK YOU for this spectacular product and service.


Two Packages to Choose

Basic Moxie Package

  • A library of micro learning lessons (each 3 minutes or less) designed to deliver bite-sized actionable content for on-demand, on-the-go learning — delivered straight to her inbox

  • Easy to navigate categories covering a range of topics such as charting your career course, executive presence, and productivity & execution

  • Engaging video segments, email notifications, course progress updates, and surveys. Each segment contains a knowledge nugget and a resource tool for taking action

All Access Moxie Pass

Includes the full suite of micro learning courses and resources available in the Basic package plus:

  • Monthly online workshops

  • Full access to our library of (over 45) past workshops, tools, discussion guides, and worksheets

  • Full access to Moxie’s library of (over 25) interviews library with advice from top CEO’s and executives

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