Women’s Leadership & Career Development

Micro learning for women on the go

Moxie courses make spare moments productive and fun with micro learning videos that pack a punch. Every bite-sized video lesson brings solid advice and actionable tips that fuel your motivation and success.

of participants would recommend the series to a co-worker or friend
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Course Catalog

  • Welcome & Micro Learning Introduction

  • Chart Your Course

  • Play to Your Strengths

  • Why Playing to Your Strength Matters

  • Power of Feedback & Seeking Feedback

  • Taking Risks & Overcoming Fear

  • Saying No

  • The Art of Small Talk

  • Listen with Your Eyes – Interpreting Body Language

  • Effective Emails

  • Listening to Learn

  • Clear & Succinct Verbal Communication

  • Why Having Difficult Conversations Is Important

  • Preparation for a Difficult Conversation

  • How to Have Difficult Conversations

  • Staying Calm & Centered During Difficult Conversations

  • Taking Credit for Your Work

  • Personal Assertiveness & Executive Presence Audit

  • Dealing with Idea Thieves

  • Managing Up & Keeping a Success File

  • Portraying Confidence in a Meeting

  • Get Comfortable With Asking

  • Powerful Body Language

  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

  • Interest-Based Negotiation

  • What’s Your Money Head Trash

  • Overcoming Challenges for Women in Negotiations

  • Negotiating Your Salary

  • Structure of a Good Negotiation

  • Top Negotiation Tips

  • Women Are a Sisterhood

  • Create Your Personal Board of Advisors

  • Audit The Impact of te People In Your Life

  • The Importance of Sponsors

  • The Biggest Barrier to Sponsorship

  • Positioning Yourself for Sponsorship

  • Why We Resist Change

  • Stages of Concern About Change

  • Change Done Right

  • Phases and Emotions of Change

  • Thriving During Change

  • Reframing Your Mindset About Change

  • Delegation Mindset

  • How to Delegate

  • Overcoming Delegation Head Trash

  • Dealing with Reverse Delegation

  • Framework for Time Management

  • Task Chunking & Time Blocking

  • Productivity Habits

  • Energy Management

  • Energy Habits

  • Refueling Your Energy

  • Energy & Time Management Audit

Here’s what they get

  • On-the-go micro learning with video lessons that pack a punch of information in under 3 minutes each. She can enjoy her lessons from any device with her morning coffee, during a break, or even while waiting for a meeting to start.

  • Webinars and interviews with women at the top. Ranging from 15 – 45 minutes long, each of these (more than 100+) sessions feels like having a conversation with a mentor who is offering priceless advice on topics like balancing energy, leadership, and taking risks.

  • Unlimited access; She learns what she wants, when she wants it, from our entire content library.

  • New skills & ideas;  Success depends on constant learning and growth. We keep her up to date with the latest ideas for success, professional development and leadership

Here’s what your company gets

  • Convenience: Our micro courses provide an easy way to deliver professional development and training across all parts of your organization.

  • Value: Significantly increase the number of women you can impact at a lower price per person than traditional in-person offerings.

  • Progress; Our programs help women step up and into their professional potential. Fill your leadership pipeline with a pool of diverse talent ready to lead.

Sample Lessons

Taking Credit For Your Work

Difficult Conversations

Top Negotiating Tips

What Participants Are Saying

Awesome! This is the perfect tool for women on the go. I love the learning nuggets. I look forward to the lessons in my in-box each week!


It is wonderful. I watched 3 of the mini lessons this morning each one was actionable and encouraging.


Love the simple, clean, easy way the lessons come right to my email. I watch them when it works in my schedule.


It’s been AWESOME content. THANK YOU for this spectacular product and service.


Two Packages to Choose

Basic Moxie Package

  • A library of micro learning lessons (each 3 minutes or less) designed to deliver bite-sized actionable content for on-demand, on-the-go learning — delivered straight to her inbox

  • Easy to navigate categories covering a range of topics such as charting your career course, executive presence, and productivity & execution

  • Engaging video segments, email notifications, course progress updates, and surveys. Each segment contains a knowledge nugget and a resource tool for taking action

All Access Moxie Pass

Includes the full suite of micro learning courses and resources available in the Basic package plus:

  • Monthly online workshops

  • Full access to our library of (over 45) past workshops, tools, discussion guides, and worksheets

  • Full access to Moxie’s library of (over 25) interviews library with advice from top CEO’s and executives

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