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What Our Customers Say

“I love Everyday Inclusion, specifically the Education tab and content.
Our teams can learn anywhere, anytime, at their own convenience.”


“For our mid-sized company, we do a lot of work around D&I. Because we are spread out over many regions, making sure that we have programing that is easily accessible for all our people is important. Adding Everyday Inclusion as a daily tool for our teams has been a great and safe way we can open up the conversation even more around diversity and what it means to be an inclusive environment. I also am so impressed that you continually add content and that it is a living program.”


“Our executives loved it so much during the demo that one promoted it during the meeting by sending it to their team of managers.”


“It’s great, easy to use, and we love the bite-sized learning!”

Constellation Brands
“This app will help drive knowledge by giving people what they can do daily that is impactful — small, everyday actions.”
Nestlé Purina

Welcome to our Peer Mentoring Program

You’re ready to grow your organization and understand that, in order to do that, you need everyone engaged and working to their full potential and abilities.

The peer mentoring program is based on leadership and learning best practices. It helps to create an environment that enables development, promotion, and retention of diverse talent.

Our programs include

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What Leaders Are Saying

I think for us at Constellation Brands we knew we had pockets of the organization where women in leadership roles were very scarce. We know we have a lot of talented women throughout the organization and we really wanted to dig into what’s holding them back and standing in their way. We brought in Lead with Moxie because we love the structure of the program; it was more than just networking. There are a structure and process to it that really helps to build skills. We’ve found from the feedback that women are finding it very useful in connecting with each other when they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to do so in a structured way that helps them build skills and get input on key business issues.

Roxanne Hill, Manager of Instructional Design and Delivery

What Participants Are Saying

Learning that it doesn’t matter where you are in your career, we all have experiences we can relate to and share how we cope with the situations. Learning different communication skills. Learning I’m not the only one that feels a certain way. Being more open and more confident in myself Motivation to get through the next year and goals set and have already met some professional goals. I have also had the benefit of talking to women and learning strategies for problem solving some of my professional obstacles. It’s great to hear how others handle situations and learn from their opportunities.

I believe the program is brilliant…not only the undivided attention when it is my turn to present my issue, but the honest (unedited) responses I have received and heard for others as well. Just the different perspectives (thought processes) have helped me sort through my daily challenges. I have made this part of my IPPR for the year. I know my manager read my goals and I have seen some of what I stated about the program translate into our team meetings.

Moxie has helped me from a development standpoint. I’m still maturing in my career and life experience, but still felt stalled in regards to my own personal and professional growth. Moxie has helped me to grow as a person by making me rethink how I set goals. It also helped me open my eyes that I’m not alone. My insecurities are also owned by others and it’s so refreshing to hear how other people cope or work to resolve them.

My favorite thing is the Power 5. Everyone has their own Personal Board of Directors that they bounce things off of because they know you so well. Sometimes you need a non-biased outsider opinion. I enjoy bouncing these off the other women and getting their thoughts as it’s usually ones I would have never thought of before.

Because of Moxie I’ve set goals to complete Green Belt Training, and start taking graduate classes working towards my Masters. I’ve set up 529 accounts for my kids, re-evaluated our life insurance, joined a gym to help reduce stress and improve overall health, and set travel plans. All of this has been done over the last 4 months and I am so pleased that I have set up a plan to look forward to where I want to be in the next 5 years.


Answering Yes to 3 or more of the following statements about the situation in your company may mean you have a Leadership Gap and would benefit from Moxie’s Programs.

  • Fewer than 35% of your top leadership positions are held by women

  • The majority of your leadership and talent management budget is spent on ‘one and done’ training and conference events

  • Professional development and leadership opportunities for women are not a key part of your employment brand

  • You find it difficult to track the ROI of current training and development investments

  • The training and development offerings you have are disconnected from real-world strategic challenges and opportunities faced by your leaders every day

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