The way you wrote these books and chunked them down really works for me.

Kathleen, Executive Recruiter & Coach

Do you want to talk about growth, or do you want to grow? If you want to grow, start here.

Jodi, Professor of Management


There are a few key secrets that women who have made it to the top know that you need to find out about and adopt. Based on interviews and meetings with highly successful women the ‘Rock Your Moxie: Power Moves for Women Leading the Way’ series, is a no-holds-barred guide to success and leadership for women. The author, The Moxie Exchange Movement founder Maureen Berkner Boyt, shares stories and insights from her years of interviewing and interacting with women who are at the top of their game, yet still want more.

The series’ personal stories, related insights and Power Move action plans pack a punch and are an achievement-inducing roadmap so you can up your leadership game and level of success. The series uncovers and demystifies the fundamentals that generate powerful forward momentum for women leading the way. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to rock your moxie, because these books are about learning and then taking action. You’re ready to grow your organization and understand that, in order to do that, you need everyone (women and men) engaged and working to their full potential and abilities.

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